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Staphylococcus vaccine

The preparation is a complex mixture of thermostable staphylococcal antigens. It appears as a transparent, colorless or slightly yellow fluid.

Biological and Immunological Properties
Immunization with the vaccine preparation, applied with regards to the approved schedule promotes establishing of specific immunity against staphylococcal microbes.

Therapy and treatment of acute and chronic skin diseases with staphylococcal etiology (furuncles, carbuncles, pyoderma, etc.). The vaccine can be used in combination with other preparations.

Administering and Dosage

The vaccination is performed with subcutaneous injection (in the upper third of shoulder or in sub-scapular area) of the vaccine. Vaccination is applicable for adults and babies over 6 months of age. In order to achieve the best results may be used following therapeutic course, applicable for adults and children over 7 years of age.

The vaccinating consists of a single injections performed on a daily basis according to the chart:

1st day 0.2 ml 4th day 0.5 ml 7th day 0.8 ml
2nd day 0.3 ml 5th day 0.6 ml 8th day 0.9 ml
3rd day 0.4 ml 6th day 0.7 ml 9th day 1.0 ml

The first injection dose for children (from 6 months to 7 years old) is 0.1 ml. In the absence of adverse reaction, the preparation is injected every next day according to the scheme above, while each subsequent dose is increased by 0.1 ml (i.e. second injection is 0.2 ml, the third one - 0.3 ml, etc). Each subsequent dose is injected in 20-30 mm away from the spots of previous infections or is applied to the other arm.

In cases, when patient has spread recurrent skin disease - the second course of vaccine therapy has to be repeated in 10-15 days, following the same scheme.

Kidney and liver diseases; acute infections (nonstaphylococcal etiology) and noninfectious diseases, including the reconvalescence period; chronic diseases at the stage of aggravation or decompensation: the staphylococcus vaccine may be administered not earlier than in 1 month after total remission.

Additional contraindications for children (6 months - 6 years old) are: allergic diseases, bronchial asthma, spread edema, neurodermitis, recurrent asthmatic bronchitis, Quinkee’s syndrome; diseases of the central nervous system, the II and III degree rachitis or endocrine disorders.

For babies with body weight less than 2500 g the treatment must be done after the child gained normal body weight. People contacting with indicated infectious substances may be immunized upon the termination of quarantine period.

If there are no complications in response to the vaccine, that indicates the vaccine was administered correctly and all possible restrictions are considered properly.

One-milliliter neutral glass ampoules. Each pack contains 10 ampoules. The ampoules and the pack are labeled. Corresponding description and brief instruction are supplied.

Storage and Shipment
Store at 6 - 4oC. Do not freeze. Keep away from light.
Shelf life is for 2 years. Shipping is allowed by any kinds of cargo transports.