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Characteristics: Solution of lipopolisaccharides (LPS) extracted from the bacteria of Shigella sonnei strain, purified both with enzymatic and physicochemical methods.
Pharmacological activity: Vaccine helps to establish specific resistance to Shigella sonnei; it stimulates specific anti-bodies production, which able in 2-3 weeks to secure the status of immunity to the infection with dysentery. The status of immunity, which is established due to the vaccinating is effective for 1 year period.
Directions: Prevention of the Sonne dysentery epidemics.

Restrictions: Individual hypersensitivity to the vaccine components, including recorded events of any listed complications followed prior injections of dysentery vaccine; clinical symptoms of infectious and non-infectious diseases; any complicating of chronic syndromes and diseases; if the remission period after an illness is shorter than1 month; pregnancy; infancy (the age below 3 yrs.).
Dosage and vaccination: Applicable to the adults and children (3 years of age and older ones).
The administering is via subcutaneous or intra-muscular injection to the area of external side (upper third part) of the shoulder with one dose of 50 mcg LPS (0.5 ml of the vaccine).
Vaccination upon epidemical indications is performed with the same dosage. Ampoules opening and injection procedure must be performed aseptically in proper environment.
Vaccine formulation from opened ampoules shall be used immediately and can not be stored. Every event of vaccinating is to be registered in proper forms (Case Reports), indicating the type of medication, brand name, the date of vaccination, the used dose, manufacturer, lot and serial number; any individual reactions (or their absence) following the vaccination.
Side effects and reactions: Rarely seen within the first 24 hours after immunization: fever (in 3-5% of cases within 24-48 hours); headache; some local reactions around the spot of injection – hyperemia or painful sensing.

Special indications: Preventive vaccination is recommended for the staff working in the Infection Departments of Hospitals, bacteriological laboratories; for the people involved in public nourishing sector or communes services; for children, who attend kindergartens and going for health resorts; for people leaving for the regions, where is highly spread the Sonne dysentery; prior to seasonal raise of the level of infection. Upon epidemiological indications the vaccination is made, when a certain threat of epidemics (natural disasters, broken clearing facility for drinking water supply, sink water and canalization networks problems) is recognized.
To prevent individual complications, the whole anamnesis from patient’s medical history must be collected and analyzed, including the body temperature indications at the day of planned vaccination. If needed, additional laboratory investigations must be performed. Prior the vaccination any ampoule and package are to be examined for integrity, the content’s physical properties observed and the expiration date noted.

Compatibility: Vaccination with the LPS preparation can be performed in parallel with other preventive vaccinations. The inactivated (not live) vaccines can be applied the same day, the live vaccines or other medications may start in 1 month past the latter vaccination.