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Vaccination for flu, liquid, triple-targeted with polymerized subunits of virus proteins

Medicine: Suspension for intra-muscular and subcutaneous injection

Description: Polymerized proteins subunits present as liquid flu vaccine with triple immunological targets. Vaccine is made of external envelop glycoproteins (gemagglutinin and neyroamynidasa), isolated with polyoxidonium from purified flu viruses of types A and B type. One dose for immunization (0,5 ml) contains 5mcg of gemagglutinins from cultured flu viruses of types A(H1N1), A(H3N2), 11 mcg from flue viruses of type B and 500 mcg of polyoxidonium. The preparation is highly purified and non-virulent. It contains merthiolate (85 - 115 mcg/ml) as a stabilizer. Antigenic composition of the vaccine is evaluated on yearly bases, depending on the epidemic prognosis and WHO recommendations.

Pharmacological activity: Due to usage for immunization, the preparation promotes establishing of highly-specific immunity status toward the flu viruses. Induced antibodies become detectable in 8 - 12 days, after the dose of vaccine is taken. The immunity condition may last for up to 12 months. Protective titer of antibodies against flu viruses in result of vaccination can be determined among the 75-92% of all vaccinated patients of different ages. Polyoxidonium, included in the formulation as immunomodulator, increases the activity of immune system and promotes antigens stability. Combined all together, these factors improves the immune memory cells availability, allowing to minimize antigen dose, required to achieve an effective vaccinating. Those features increase stability of patient’s condition for the period after immunization by correcting the immune status.

Directions and Recommendations: Epidemic status for flu, high risk to be infected with flu, vaccination for flu by effective preventive immunization of children older than 6 months, teenagers and adults, especially from the risk groups: senior men and women (at the age of 60 and higher), people with chronic somatic diseases, people suffering from respiratory virus diseases, children at the preschool age, schoolchildren and students, medical personnel, workers for public services, transportation, educational system and military personnel.

Dosage and applicating: Vaccinating is performed with intramuscular injection, administered in upper 1/3 of shoulder (deltoid area) infants are administered in front lateral surface of thigh.

For children (6 months to 3 years of age) are vaccinated twice per 0,25 ml, as a repeat with 4 weeks interval. If the child was vaccinated against flu for the past year, then schema of vaccinating may be reduced as – 0,5 ml once.

Vaccinating of children older than 3 years and healthy adults: per 0,5 ml as a single take. The patients diagnosed with immune deficit are vaccinated twice: per 0,5 ml with 4 weeks interval.

Special instructions: Vaccination for flu should be repeated every next year, especially for the cold seasons or in accordance with epidemiological indications. Flu vaccination can be performed in the very beginning of flu epidemic. Clinical investigations indicated that the vaccine preparation has no embryonic or teratogenic toxic effects.

Interaction: Vaccine “Grippol” may be used at the same time of taking other main courses of therapy and treatments. The vaccine can be used simultaneously with inactivated vaccines having other specificity (for each of vaccines all listed contradictions should be considered and different preparations must be injected in different places, using different sterile/disposable needles and syringes).