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Cholera vaccine


DTP is a mix of inactivated (killed) pertussis microorganisms with purified diphtheria and tetanus toxoids immobilized on aluminum hydroxide. The preparation contains 20 bln of pertussis microbial bodies, 30 flocculating units (FU) of diphtheria toxoid and 10 antitoxin-binding units (BU) of tetanus toxoids. Single dose of the preparation (0.5 ml) contains at least 30 international immunizing units (IIU) of diphtheria toxoid, at least 60 IIU of tetanus toxoid and pertussis vaccine (at least 4 international protective units). 0.01% merthiolate is used as preservative. The preparation is white-yellow suspension, which is separated upon the storage into the clear super and a loose pelleted mass.

Aimed for prevention of whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus for children of the age between 3 months and 3 years 11 months 29 days. The vaccine effectively promotes the formation of specific antibodies against DTP in humans. Children with history of pertussis can be immunized with tetanus and diphtheria vaccine only.

Vaccine (single dose - 0.5 ml) is applied with intramuscular injection into the upper corner of the butt. The complete course of vaccinating consists of three injections with 1,5 months intervals (like 3 months, 4,5 months and 6 months). Revaccination is allowed only in 12 months after the last date of taking the third scheduled injection.

Notes: In cases when planned vaccination has been avoided, the children at the age 4 - 6 years can be immunized with diphtheria-tetanus toxoids formulation. Children at the age 6 years and older can be immunized with diphtheria-tetanus-M toxoids formulation.

Taking the course of two injections with PDT is enough to get immunity against diphtheria and tetanus. After the only first step of immunization with PDT the course can be continued with DT-M toxoids formulation (should be taken in 3 months after previous injection).

Revaccinations with DT-M toxoids formulation may be taken at the age of 7, 14 yrs; then in every next 10 years.

Vaccination with PDT formulation should be avoided if the child has progressive neurological disorders, or the history of compulsory convulsions, or documented history of unusual side effects or strong reaction (like the body temperature above 39 C or other complications) during the immunization on previous stage.

Each pack of PDT contains 10 ampoules with 1 ml (2 doses) per vial.

Avoid freezing, the PDT vaccine should be stored at 2-6 C in dark place.

Expiration period
Expiration date is 18 months from the date of the lot manufacturing.